A note from Geason on Training and Apprenticeships

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The understanding, quality and funding related to apprenticeships is changing and how apprentices can positively impact a business. Apprentices are a great way to recruit, re-train or upskill existing staff, this can be helpful when you need a tailored skill set for specific or new job roles. This can be seen as 89% of businesses have reported that having an apprentice improved the quality of their product or service.

You can find what apprenticeships that are available for your industry and needs by searching on the apprenticeships framework[1]. It’s important to note that new courses are being developed continuously and anyone can create them. Therefore if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for, you can request something that suits your company’s needs.

Once you have identified a course that suits, you can look for a training organisation that offers the training for your chosen apprenticeship[2].

If you are looking to hire an apprentice, rather than using an existing employee, your training provider should be able to source someone who is suitable, if not then you can advertise via the national apprenticeship service or through your other communication routes such as social media.  Companies specialising in apprenticeships for the construction sector such as Geason Training offer a complimentary recruitment service for apprenticeship programmes with your involvement in the interview process and decision on the final candidate.  Companies who invest in apprentices report an 80% significant increase in employee retention; one of the many reasons why recruiting apprentices is a smart business decision.

The Government has been funding employers who are taking on apprentices, therefore you should speak to your training provider to see what options are available to you. The UK has been setting up systems with the goal of increasing the number of apprentices in work by 3 million by 2020. These systems, such as the apprenticeship levy have been put in place to encourage and aid companies to take on more apprentices[3][4].

Once you have found the candidate who you would like to employ as an apprentice, you just need to sign an agreement with them, which will be provided by your training provider.

The Apprenticeship Levy was set up by the Government in 2015, with the aim of funding three million apprenticeships in the UK by 2020. It affects all UK employers with a payroll bill in excess of £3m. Small and medium sized enterprises under this payroll bill threshold and who are non levy paying employers will continue to be funded through provider locations for the next few years. For Trailblazer apprenticeships this will be done using the interim funding model.

At Geason Training we have been helping our existing customers and new employers source new apprentices and are working to maximize the opportunities that the Levy brings. One of our key objectives is to help close the construction skills gap and as a result we are focused on helping employers to up-skill and recruit apprentices with our advice and planning assistance.


Find out more about the new Apprenticeship Levy: http://www.geasontraining.co.uk/apprenticeship-levy-t-42

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Sarah Kilpatrick, Marketing and Talent Manager at Geason.

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