Good or Bad – Is technology an enabler?

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Currently due to the demanding nature of job roles and certain industries many employees work out of hours. This is due to the fact that many feel the pressure to use their own personal devices to work longer than their specific working hours.

An insurance provider for mobile phones, Insurance2go, did a survey of the British public to try to discover the number of employees within Britain that are struggling to stick to working within their designated office hours.

The research conducted found that 35% of employees within Britain continue to answer calls, emails or texts in order to conduct tasks on their personal mobile phones when they are not in the office e.g. at home. The survey also found that 25% of people use their lunch break to carry on working using their personal devices, whilst 23% said that they work from their phones on the commute to work.

It is thought that approximately 14 million people in the UK have a second phone in order to work from, however there’s still many employees who prefer to use their personal handsets in order to take care of business.

18% of employees use their own phone in meetings and work trips due to the fact that they think that it is better than the device provided by their work.  Additionally, 14% of people will use their own devices instead of those provided by their employers due to the ease and familiarity. However, numerous employees have stated their own mobile phone impacts negatively upon their data usage, which is something that most cannot claim back from their employers.

However, working with personal devices comes with added responsibilities given the new GDPR legislations. This is due to the fact that the new GDPR rules may not be at the forefront of an individuals’ mind when they are busy working, despite the fact this may lead to heavy penalties if not followed correctly. The new laws mean that businesses are required to ensure data on mobile phones is as securely kept as the information held on their own database and network. An alarming discovery was the fact that 46% of those surveyed where not aware of the new laws with regards to GDPR, meaning that many employers could unintentionally be failing to adhere to GDPR legislation.

The industries that are struggling the most to disconnect from work are the Emergency Services, with 60% working on their own personal devices when at home and 80% during their lunch break. After the Emergency Services, accountants are the employees that use their phones their most to do out of office work, with 42% using their own devices outside of the office.

A new law in France has meant that employees now have the legal right to ignore any work related work emails outside of office hours. Following this, the survey asked UK employees whether this law should be implemented throughout the UK and 65% stated that they were in favour of implementing this as a new law.

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