The role technology and HR has in your business in 2019

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2019 is predicting to be a massive year for HR, this is due to the rapidly increasing size and competitiveness of the talent pool. This has therefore put an increased pressure for HR departments to be the major differentiator for future employees.  In recent times there has been a debate around whether technology is taking the ‘human element’ out of HR. However, the reality of it is that technology is acting as an enabler for businesses, considering the diversity of employees. The way in which AI can help with hiring employees is that it can keep businesses complaint with non-prejudice protocols and also reduce the amount of errors.

AI will create more time for human interaction

When in an important role within a business, having human connection is a top priority in order to help when making decisions, and new technologies are helping link HR processes and strategies around employee involvement and engagement.

Many HR experts feel as if their time is being misallocated to routine workloads, whilst more strategic methods are being deferred. In this instance HR technology can be used to help close the gap between recruitment/employee expectations and the capabilities of HR staff. This will therefore allow for more HR resources to refocus on more strategic initiatives to help the business.

HR technology will provide information on Key Performance Indicators

The old fashioned manner of having an annual feedback session is making businesses suffer as they are losing out on relevant, meaningful insights on the business as a whole from their employees. This is therefore increasing the difficulty for companies to identify areas that need improvement and also plan future growth.

If businesses implement a system that is capable of handling and analysing data then the business can link the HR process to the business’ strategic goals. This system could also be used as an alternative to the annual feedback cycle, providing the business with up to date and reliable feedback which can benefit the business.  A key note is that linking HR processes to strategies on employee and business performance would encapsulate numerous factors such as benefits, after-work activities and office environment.

The founder of Culture Amp, Didier Elzinga stated that “the power in real-time feedback is that it takes all that friction away. The moment the survey is closed you can share the results with everybody. Some of our companies actually share it with every person on their staff.”

Connecting employees in different locations

Having a wide and varied talent pool has always been a crucial factor for growth focused employers. With the help of technology, HR processes can be linked to business strategies, through connecting a global workforce and allowing for easier management on a large scale.

Remote working is regularly mentioned to be a top priority for modern organisations and technology will be critical for linking HR processes to strategic remote worker engagement initiatives. For companies, having a database in which every member of staff can access no matter what location is crucial as businesses can use this as a platform for employee engagement and also to spread the company’s ethos.

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