HR Software and British SMEs


A large number of British SMEs do not currently use HR software to automate systems, reduce admin time and create a smooth HR process.

A study of SMEs and HR Software

A recent study by Capterra looked to uncover the relationship SMEs in Britain have with HR software and uncovered that currently, almost half (45%) of SMEs do not make use of HR software in any form. HR software is described as ‘Business applications for the management of HR-related transactions, best practices and enterprise reporting’. HR software is an extremely useful tool when aiming to create a streamlined HR process, with around 43% of British SMEs making use of the multitude of tools that come with the implementation of HR software.

What stops SMEs from implementing HR software?

Along with uncovering the number of British businesses that have implemented any form of HR software, the study also looked to understand the reasoning for those without HR software opting for different ways of managing HR processes.

The study uncovered the following reasons why businesses may opt for an alternative:

  • Price

24% of SMEs stated that price is the main factor stopping the implementation. Many believe HR software is simply too expensive for their business and therefore are forced to continue with traditional methods. These methods are slower, require much more input from HR professionals causing a higher workload, and these methods are harmful to the environment with 10,000 sheets of paper being used per employee per year on average. 

OneHR offers a flexible approach to pricing, we want to ensure your business can streamline your HR process in a way that is sustainable and suitable within your business.

  • Security

A further 19% of businesses voiced their concern for safety and security when using HR software. This is a common concern as HR data and information that is stored within HR software are extremely important and confidential, therefore security is of paramount importance to many SMEs when looking to implement HR software into their processes.

oneHR is a cloud hosting platform that protects your data; everything is encrypted and sent using HTTPS. oneHR has an archive system and encrypted remote backup, this means that, when implementing our software into your business’ HR process, you can be sure that your data and HR information is safe and secure within our database.

What do SMEs want in the HR software?

Capterra looked to understand exactly what many businesses looked for when looking to implement HR software into their operations. The study uncovered many factors such as:

  • Tackling the issue of staff absence trends

Many businesses included in the study voiced their concern with their struggle to effectively manage absence within their business, furthermore, many admitted to their inability to notice trends within absence and lateness before the issue had a significant impact on the business.

oneHR looks to assist HR departments in their ability to manage absence trends. The software includes an absence and lateness manager that gives you a clear overview of leave and absence within your business, allowing you to spot absence trends at a glance. Employees who are consistently missing or arriving late to work are seen, but also employees who are more diligent are also acknowledged in a positive light. Enabling impartiality and transparency within your organisations.

  • Tracking workers’ time and holidays

Around 21% of British SMEs Capterra included within the study discussed their desire for HR software options that offered the business the ability to track employee working time and holidays. Completing these tasks whilst using traditional methods can place significant weight upon HR professionals’ workloads.

Implementing oneHR software within a business’s HR process can automate these systems through the use of the holiday manager and calendar feature. oneHR gives employees a view of their holiday allowance and team calendar to avoid clashes when requesting holidays. The user-friendly layout will allow you to save hours of admin time, give more control to your team. In addition to this, oneHR is working towards implementing clocking-in and clocking-out features that will further reduce admin time and automate HR systems.

HR Software in High Demand

The most important statistic found by the study is that around 44% of British SMEs are interested in investing in new HR software or updating a current one they have. If you are part of this 44%, oneHR can be the perfect investment for your business, helping you automate HR systems and reduce the hours of admin time that traditional HR processes bring to your business. Start the year out by creating a smooth HR process in your business.

If you have any further questions or queries about how oneHR can help your business streamline your HR process or would like to request a demo of the software, please don’t hesitate to contact the oneHR team today.


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