Absence Manager

Sick and tired of wondering who’s sick and tired?

You don’t need to be a giant organisation to have a robust absence management structure in place. With poor or paper-based absence management, you’ll soon find yourself off sick with an HR headache of your own.

Work-related stress

Relieve your HR headaches

oneHR’s absence manager tool can relieve your HR headaches and provide you with the ability to quickly and simply record staff absence, all within one centralised system.

oneHR provides you with a streamlined and effective tool for managing absence. Starting with the initial call to report a sickness through to the employee’s return to work meeting.

Mismanaged absence can cost you time and money

Failure to spot absence trends, capture sickness or manage absenteeism can be a massive drain on your resources. oneHR leaves no room for excuses when it comes to accurate absence management and our powerful absence reporting tool and built-in absence triggers allow you to gain key insight into trends and patterns within your business, allowing you to manage and mitigate absence issues before they have even had a chance to escalate or impact your bottom line.

Absence Automation Tools

With automated prompts for collecting sicknotes and completing a built-in Return to Work form, oneHR ensures that managers stay in top of the Absence Management process and maintain clear, detailed records.


A modern solution

Sickness isn’t black and white and isn’t always as simple as an employee calling in with an upset stomach or tickly cough. oneHR can be fully customised to capture a number of absence types such as:

  • Bereavement leave
  • Appointments
  • Muscular Skeletal Injuries

With the ability to customise the appearance of different absence types, it’s easy to determine who is off, why they are off and for how long!

Getting started

Are you ready to revolutionise your absence management process?

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