Holiday Manager

Removing the hassle of knowing who’s away

Replacing holiday forms and hectic wall planners, oneHR makes managing holidays simple and stress-free. With a visually striking leave calendar, automatic notifications, and powerful reporting, our holiday manager makes booking and approving leave a breeze.

holiday manager

Don’t fall behind on employee leave requests

Working through that stack of leave requests on your desk is going to take time. By the time you’ve arranged office cover, dealt with calls from employees chasing up and their requests and recorded the leave on an ever-growing spreadsheet, the requests will have stacked up once more! With oneHR’s instant notifications, one click approvals and intra-team leave limits, you can do away with your outdated process and let our system do all the heavy lifting.

A clear snapshot of who’s away, when and why

Do you ever find yourself calling an employee who’s ‘running late’ only to find they’re actually on annual leave and you’ve just forgotten? oneHR provides you with a breakdown of who’s away on a daily basis and our leave calendar provides you with a clear overview of who’s away, when, and for how long.

With the ability to customise leave types to suit the needs of your business it’s easy to distinguish between leave, absence, appointments, and more!

Are you ready to revolutionise your holiday management process?

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