Homeworking Manager

How are you managing homeworking?

Sick of calling up the office only to find the colleague you’re looking for is WFH? We’ve got a solution for that.

See who’s working from home at a glance

When managing employee working patterns on oneHR, our homeworking manager provides you with the ability to tag homeworking days. For managers, admins, and employees viewing their leave calendar, homeworking days will be clearly marked, making it quick and easy to identify who’s on-site and who is working remotely.

homeworking manager

Adapt to the modern way of working

With home and hybrid working now looking to be a mainstay within the working culture, having a smart solution for effectively managing this process is essential.

Having a tool for managing home and remote working will not only make managing your team easier but will also offer more flexibility for your staff, additionally, it will open your business up to a wider range of highly skilled, remote workers.

Looking for a better WFH management solution?

Book a demo of oneHR today to see how our homeworking management tool will benefit your business.

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