Employee Self-service

Helping your team get hands-on with their HR

oneHR’s employee self-service frees up your managers for what really matters.

Save on admin time

Updating and managing employee personal details on an ever-growing spreadsheet is a giant time sink and is a poor use of managerial and administrative time. On oneHR, employees have the ability to manage and update their own personal information.

Offer transparency within your business

oneHR provides employees with visibility of key data in relation to their employment and journey within your business. With the ability to view shared company policies, information regarding their employment and their leave, employees can feel a sense of involvement and understanding as to how they play a part in your business.

Access from anywhere at any time

With oneHR’s cloud and remote access, you can say goodbye to holiday forms, employees can book and manage holiday requests from at home, the office, or on the go.

Getting started

Are you ready to give the power to your people?

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