Near-Miss Log

Take a proactive approach to managing risks.

Managing near-misses can help you to prevent and manage workplace accidents and incidents.

Take a proactive approach.

Near-miss logging provides a proactive approach to safety by allowing users to record and document near-miss incidents. By capturing and analysing these near-miss events, potential hazards and risks can be identified, leading to proactive measures that prevent accidents and improve overall safety. The near-miss log helps you to learn from near misses and take corrective actions to avoid future incidents.

near-miss log

Create a safety culture.

Recording near-misses promotes a culture of safety and continuous improvement within your business. By encouraging employees to report near-miss incidents, it creates an environment where individuals are actively engaged in identifying potential hazards and contributing to the safety of the workplace. oneSafe’s near-miss log encourages open communication, empowers employees to take ownership of safety, and facilitates the sharing of lessons learned, ultimately driving a company-wide commitment to accident prevention and risk management.

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Make data-driven decisions,

By collecting and analysing near-miss data on oneSafe, you can identify patterns, trends, and common root causes that contribute to potential accidents. This valuable information enables informed decision-making regarding safety protocols, process improvements, training initiatives, and resource allocation. With easy access to comprehensive near-miss data, you can prioritise your safety efforts and allocate resources effectively to address high-risk areas, leading to a reduction in accidents.

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