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Did you know that the average office worker uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per year? What if we then told you, on average one tree yields roughly…10,000 sheets of paper! Are you comfortable with the knowledge that your own personal consumption may be equivalent to one entire tree per year?

At oneHR our goal has always been to create a paperless workplace, replacing each and every HR function with a smart and effective cloud-based solution. Our journey to create a sustainable, paper-free workplace led to the genesis of our oneHR tree pledge.

tree pledge

What is the oneHR pledge?

When our clients make the choice to do away with archaic paper-based processes we want to celebrate by planting trees and giving back to our planet. Not only will we plant trees when we onboard new users, but we will also continue to plant trees as your business continues to grow and hits major milestones.

How does oneHR help you create a paperless workplace?

How you will save paper by switching to a cloud-based platform:

Say goodbye to holiday and absence forms. oneHR’s powerful leave and absence calendar is easy to use and provides valuable insight into leave and absence trends within your business. Learn more.

No more dusty old personnel files. oneHR’s employee database is completely customisable, allowing you to capture essential employee details, with the addition of custom sections and fields that are unique to your business’s way of operating. Learn more.

Take your performance management to the cloud. Throw away the out of date KIT or Performance Review forms, through the use of bespoke performance management sections and employee document folders you can keep a clear and transparent online record of your teams’ development. Learn more.

Unlimited document storage. Policies, handbooks, and contracts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to essential documentation. oneHR provides you with companywide, department specific and user specific document areas to store all your essential documentation, with no limits on upload. Learn more.

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