Powerful custom reporting

Are you making the most of the data that’s available to your business?

oneHR gives you clear insights into your people, their holidays and so much more.

Reports built to fit your every need

We understand every business is different and therefore has different reporting needs. On oneHR, our custom reporting tool allows you to build fully bespoke reports based on exact reporting needs. We also provide the ability to save reporting configurations, allowing you to run them again with ease, saving on admin time.

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Diversity data in an instant

With our custom reporting and data extracts, you can pull off diverse data with the single click of a button, giving you instant insight into the makeup of your organisation. In addition, with our export option, you can pull the data off in the format that best fits your needs.

Absence and holiday reporting

In addition to giving you insight into employee information, our reporting tools give you quick access to leave and absence records, making it easier than ever to identify areas of concern or identify a need for your management team to take action.

Getting started

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