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Update your entire organisation with ease.

Our company announcements tool allows you to share updates on a company-wide or departmental level from your oneHR admin dashboard.

company announcements

Streamline communication.

oneHR’s company announcement tool ensures efficient and streamlined communication across your organisation. HR Managers can quickly disseminate important information, such as policy updates, new initiatives, or organisational changes, to all employees simultaneously. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual communication methods, such as email chains or individual conversations, resulting in improved communication efficiency and consistency.


Enhance transparency.

This announcement tool is designed to enhance transparency within your business. By making announcements directly through oneHR, HR Managers can ensure that all employees receive consistent and up-to-date information simultaneously. This reduces the chances of rumours or misinformation spreading, creating a culture of trust and openness. Employees feel informed and engaged, leading to increased morale and a sense of belonging.

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Track enagagement.

Making company-wide announcements enables you to track engagement and measure the impact of this communication. This tool can provide valuable insights into employee engagement levels. Managers can gather feedback and gauge the effectiveness of their messages, allowing them to tailor future communications and ensure that important information reaches all employees effectively.

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