What is oneSafe?

A common pitfall for many businesses when it comes to Health and Safety is the lack of structure and the absence of a competent and qualified H&S Consultant. oneSafe is an effective Health and Safety software tool that is backed by a team of expert consultants who understand the requirements of your business and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring full compliance.

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A safety document library at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Our expert consultancy team have built up an extensive library of Health and Safety documentation to help ensure your business remains confident and compliant with all aspects of Health and Safety. Accessible remotely on a user’s laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can access all your documents on the go.

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health and safety software

Task Management

From completing risk assessments to managing certification renewals, some processes can be mismanaged, poorly followed or completely overlook altogether. oneSafe’s innovative task automation and custom workflows leave no room for error when managing essential H&S processes.

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AutoSafe is designed to ensure your business remains Health and Safety compliant. Working in line with our library of documentation, automated reminders and tasks are sent to your team, allowing them to take proactive action when it comes to renewing Risk Assessments, Training Certifications, and more.

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How can oneSafe help you?

To find how our effective Health and Safety software solution can benefit your business and help you manage all aspects of compliance, book a demo today.

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