Appraisal Manager

Appraisals made easy

Many businesses struggle when it comes to communication and follow-up with appraisals. We’ve implemented a smart and effective solution to keep both managers and employees in the loop at all points throughout the process.

Customise the appraisal process

We can appreciate that there is no one set process for managing performance and appraisals. oneHR’s appraisal manager provides you with the ability to fully customise the appraisal interface within your account, with the ability to create additional custom fields and sections. This allows you to record and capture key appraisal data in a way that fits your set process.

Get your employees involved

On oneHR, we give you the ability to provide full visibility to staff when it comes to their appraisals, giving them an overview of feedback, key dates, and any essential meeting documentation.

You also have the ability to provide them some ownership within this process by creating fields that they can update themselves and by assigning follow-up actions through the use of our task manager.

Getting started

Want to learn more about how you can master the appraisal process through oneHR? Book a demo today.

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