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SMEs are not always fortunate enough to have a Human Resources department, therefore some may have to deal with HR themselves and can be quite the headache. Whether you are a small or large business, you May face the same issues that still relate to people. Our senior HR advisor, Dan Williams, has compiled a small list of top tips that can help you along your way.

Mr/Mrs Right, Rather Than Mr/Mrs Right Now!

Hiring the right person is on the agenda for all businesses, not just SMEs. A poor recruitment plan can mean road blockers that as a small business you need to avoid, as a lot of time and resources are exhausted with smaller teams. By having to rehire and rehire you are moving away from the product or service your company was created for.

Initially, the recruitment strategy needs to be right to attract the right candidate. Having a job description that covers the responsibilities is your first step, but do not play up or down the role – this could cause a headache later down the line. You want them to be interested in what you are offering. However, you need to remember that the job description is a snapshot for right now, be honest and open that the responsibilities are non-exhaustive and change is most likely to affect this role (or not).

The power of recruitment historically fell in the employer’s hands; the job market is very competitive that the employee holds more ‘power’. You have to be convinced they are right for you – but at the same time, the employee is checking you are right for them. Your business may be rapidly growing and you need to look for someone willing to grow with you. Nevertheless, if your company is established, someone with these qualities may not feel the empowerment they are looking for in their next role. Be truthful and honest.

The job advertisements need to be in the right places at the right time. Do not post the business-related role in a creative job market atmosphere – you will be looking for a needle in a haystack and you do not have the time and energy for this. Make sure you are posting your ad where the potential candidates with the right fit are, if so use LinkedIn over Facebook Jobs or vice versa.

Create an Encouraging and Progressive Working Culture in SMEs

Once the perfect candidate has been sourced, recruited and selected, you want to ensure you keep them. Employees are more likely to leave within their probation window than any other time. By creating a culture of positivity and collaboration, they will feel more part of the team. During their induction period, allow them to make mistakes, settle in, meet and greet with their colleagues and provide the necessary training. The employee will have questions; make sure you give them the answers.

This does not apply to just newbies, an encouraging and progressive working culture should be for all. They need to be happy, as there is no point focusing your retention on the new employees alone. Ways to retain are not always monetary related either. Boosting the morale of all employees will have benefits across the board.

If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have To Get Ready!

Alongside HR-related tasks, you will meet administration, this may be daunting to some but if you are ready for it then you can keep on top of things as they come in. Normally, SMEs outsource their HR because they do not have the capacity to focus on something that may be perceived as trivial. All personnel files and data need to be kept confidential and organised accordingly, providing access to only those that require it. By keeping on top of all things HR, you will be more prepared and prevent firefighting when issues arise, such as absence or conduct related.

Looking for help with this? Our online software, oneHR, allows you to easily keep track of everything from absence management and holiday management to training and appraisals. This type of software ensures everything runs smoothly without stress, saving you time and keeping employees happy

If you have any further questions or queries about the content above or would like to request a demo for oneHR, please don’t hesitate to contact the oneHR team today and create a smooth HR operation.


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