Compliance made easy

oneSafe allows you to automate key dates for the renewal of documentation, risk assessments, training etc to ensure you remain legally compliant.

Essential reminders at the click of a button

AutoSafe is designed to ensure your business remains Health and Safety compliant.   It removes human error from your H&S function and provides your H&S Manager with peace of mind that key dates will be automatically triggered from our intuitive software.

Bespoke to your business

Your business and industry may have specific qualifications, processes and timelines in relation to Health & Safety. AutoSafe also allows you to customise reminders, allowing you to set reoccurrences, reminder dates and tasks that are bespoke to your Health & Safety needs.

Compliance across your entire business

Autosafe also allows you to set tasks and reminders for your workforce. Whether you are setting them a reminder to renew a certification or complete a workplace risk assessment, our built-in email notifications will help employees and managers stay on top of these important actions at all times.

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