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Remedy is the cure for your HR and Health & Safety headache

Providing you with a combination of award-winning consultancy support and software services.

An exclusive
offer from LadyBossHR

Cutting edge software – A user-friendly, cloud based system that provides you access to an extensive library of HR and Health & Safety documentation and guidance.

Expert support – Our team of HR and Health & Safety consultants are available to you via our Remedy helpline, ready to provide expert advice, support, and guidance.

Monthly Remedy Hangout – Remedy members will have access to our monthly members event, an opportunity to learn about and discuss all things HR, Health & Safety, and Employment Law. These sessions give you access to our team of experts for Q&As and guidance on pressing topics.

Exclusive access to LadyBossHR content – Gain access to valuable insights, tips, and videos that won’t be available publicly.

HR Remedy


Health and Safety Remedy


Combined Remedy


Included in the package

  • Access to a library of HR documents, covering all essential policies, procedures and business needs
  • Helpline access and guidance from our team of HR experts
  • Access to member only webinars in which our HR team will cover hot topics, host Q&As, and provide updates on legal changes and requirements
  • Exclusive access to LadyBossHR content, providing valuable insights, tips, and videos that won’t be available publicly

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