Adding a new Leave Type

To add a new leave type on oneHR, start by clicking on the Admin option from the main left-hand side menu.

Within the Admin section, you will see an option entitled ‘Holiday Calendar’. When clicking on this option you will see you are presented with the option to create a new leave type, along with a list of pre-existing leave types and also absence types.

When setting up a new leave type you will be asked to fill in some information, this will be:

  • The Leave type name – How it will appear to employee booking leave.
  • The Colour – This is how the leave will appear visually in the calendar, making it easier to differentiate between leave and absence types.
  • Whether or not it is deductible – This will determine if it is deducted from an employee’s leave entitlement or not.
  • Whether it affects the Bradford Factor score or not – This will impact what Absence is factored into this calculation. (If relevant to your business)
  • Whether it requires approval – If no approval is required, leave can be added to the calendar directly when no authorization is required from a manager or admin.

Once you have configured these settings, you are then able to add your new leave or absence type. Once added, this option will now appear as an option when an employee, admin or manager is adding leave via the calendar.

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