Adding Leave and Absence

This is a guide for Admins and Managers who are looking to add leave and/or absence for their employees.

Updated over a week ago

As an admin or manager, you have the ability to add leave and absence for employees that fall under your level of authority on oneHR.

To do this, start by heading into the Leave section from the main oneHR menu.

On the leave calendar, you will see a list of employees on the left and their corresponding leave in a row to the right.

To add a leave or absence record for an employee, start by clicking on the date that this leave or absence instance starts on.

You will then be prompted to select a leave type (if you haven’t yet set up your leave types, you can find a guide on how to do so here), add a start and end date and if required/desired, enter a reason for this leave or absence.

Once you are happy with this information that has been entered, click on the ‘Book Leave’ button and this will now be assigned to this employee and added to the calendar.

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