AutoHR allows you to set and automate reminders for key HR processes within your business.

To get started, we are prompted to select a reminder type, the three pre-existing options here are; Document, Meeting, and Reminder. You can add new Reminder types as you see fit.

You then need to give the reminder a name. For example, this may be a reminder to review the company handbook, so the type would be Document and name would be Company Handbook.

We are then prompted to enter a renewal date for this document, policy, meeting, qualification, etc…

After this we are then able to set when this reminder reoccurs (if it does reoccur at all) and when how far in advance of the renewal that the reminder should be sent.

Lastly, we are asked to determine who this reminder should be assigned to, you can select one or many employees here.

Once you have added this reminder, the assigned employees will receive an email from oneHR and be assigned an accompanying task, once the trigger date has been reached.

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