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Having clearly defined guidelines and expectations is essential for the growth of your business and the well-being of your people. HR Documentation plays a key role in this process, a comprehensive company handbook and well-defined company policies provide transparency within your business, allowing all employees, managers and directors to be on the same page. These essential documents serve as a compass, guiding both employees and employers alike towards a shared understanding of the organisation’s values, objectives, and the proper conduct expected within the workplace.

How does having good HR Documentation in place help your business?

Communicating Expectations: A company handbook serves as a central repository of information, containing all the essential details employees need to know about their roles, responsibilities, and conduct within the organisation. It sets clear expectations regarding attendance, dress code, workplace behaviour, and performance standards. By providing this comprehensive guide, companies can create transparency, ensuring that employees are aware of what is expected from them from the outset.

Consistency and Uniformity: For businesses, maintaining consistency and uniformity is essential. Company policies act as a set of standardised guidelines that apply to all employees across different departments and levels. They establish a level playing field, promoting fair treatment and equal opportunities for all. This uniformity helps build trust and reduces the chances of misunderstandings or potential discrimination within the workplace.

Mitigating Legal Risks: Up-to-date and well-written company policies serve as a shield, safeguarding both employers and employees from potential legal disputes. By addressing critical areas such as anti-discrimination, harassment, confidentiality, and intellectual property, a well-documented set of policies ensures that employees are aware of their rights and obligations, while also protecting the organisation’s interests.

Enhancing Company Culture: A company handbook and policies act as a compass for organisational culture, shaping the values, beliefs, and behaviours that define the company’s identity. By outlining the organisation’s mission, vision, and core values, these documents create a sense of belonging and purpose among employees. They contribute to creating a positive work environment where everyone is aligned and working towards shared objectives.

Efficient Onboarding and Training: A well-structured company handbook serves as a valuable resource for new hires during the onboarding process. It provides a comprehensive overview of the organisation, its history, structure, and policies, enabling employees to quickly acclimate to their new roles. Additionally it serves as a reference point for ongoing training, ensuring consistent adherence to established protocols and procedures.

How can oneHR help?

Unlimited Document Storage: oneHR provides unlimited document storage, allowing it to become an easily accessible resource centre within your organisation. With the ability to allow and limit document access, you can create transparency within your business by making all relevant company documentation available in an instant.

Document Signing and E-Signatures: oneHR allows you to request, capture and record signatures when documents are uploaded to the portal. This ensures your business remains protected and that employees have read and understand any key employment documentation.

Automation Tools: Maintaining and updating your company handbook, policies and contracts is key for full compliance. AutoHR allows you to automate the renewal process, creating prompts and actions ahead of and at the time of the document renewals – Ensuring no updates in legislation or employment law are ever missed.

Access to an Expert Consultancy Team: oneHR was built by HR professionals. Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants are able to offer additional support and guidance when it comes to creating key business documentation.

It’s time to perfect your policies and procedures!

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