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Businesses believe AI is crucial for future success
A third of employers won’t hire females in case they have children
Teacher wins appeal for arriving late to work for taking her child to school
Timehop suffers data breach affecting 21 million users
Sainsbury’s employee wins tribunal after being dismissed for Facebook post
Car dealership loses discrimination claim after dismissing workplace ‘banter’
Half of employees continue to work after they reach the state pension age
Poundland employee blamed for stealing drinks wins £20,000 at tribunal
A teacher suffering with stress receives £646,000 payout for disability discrimination
Employers could face financial penalties if they fail to treat staff correctly
Pregnant woman discriminated for having her probationary period extended
Employers lack in supporting employees financially
Presenteeism levels at record high
Over a third of LGBT employees hide their sexuality from their colleagues
The number of apprenticeship starts has decreased
The number of people on zero hour contracts increases by 100,000
Tesco employee awarded over £50,000 for slipping over in the bathroom

Hiring temporary staff at busy time periods:

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